5K Dash of Color brings splash of life to ex-convicts

Life can seem bleak for ex-inmates looking to turn over a new leaf, but one organization worked to add a little color to their lives.

Passages Women’s Transitional Living ran their first 5K Dash of Color at Founder’s Park on Saturday.

Runners and walkers lined up near M Hill, then took off towards Sioux Park as volunteers splashed pastel powder at them along the path.

Parents, kids and even pets were able to get some exercise and a few colorful clothing stains while benefiting the women’s reintegration program.

Passages smooths the transition from incarceration to civilian life for women fresh out of prison while building life skills and good habits.

Passages director Marge Beam said that a supportive third-party can help prevent ex-convicts from returning to unhealthy lifestyles and homes.

"The only environments – if they don’t come to some place like Passages – they have to go back to is the environments that they came from," Beam said. "Sometimes, they don’t even have their I.D.’s, social security cards, their birth certificates …  if they don’t come out with that kind of support, they have a huge amount of barriers."

Volunteers handed out gift certificates from Scheel’s and Culver’s throughout the event.

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