55th Annual Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival

CUSTER, S.D. — The Custer Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival is this Friday, September 25.

Since it started back in 1965, it’s been a critical tool for herd management.

The Bison are gathered up in a corral system and given their yearly health assessment, also calves born in the spring are branded.

Veterinarians are on-site to give pregnancy tests to cows, as well as an overall wellness check. Not only is this process needed to assess the animals well being, but it also gives visitors a taste of the old west.

“We’ll have over 60 horseback riders that will help round up the herd” said Kobee Stalder the Visitor Services Program Manager for Custer State Park. “Their will be 15 vehicles, those are just for safety precautions in case we get an angry cow or an angry bull. Or something like that charges one of the horseback riders, we have those vehicles there that they can get in front an kind of take that pressure off that horseback rider.”

The Buffalo Roundup begins Friday morning at 9:30 the parking lots will open at 6:15 so guests can get a good spot to view the roundup.

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