4th Annual Mountain West Whiskey Festival

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Mountain West Whiskey Festival is put on by The Homeslice Media Group and partnered with Timmon’s Market to bring in more whiskey for this years event.

The Whiskey fest is a chance for community members to sample whiskey from all over the world with over 200 different types of whiskey to choose from. The event started when members of Homeslice were on a diet and couldn’t continue to drink beer anymore, and they had to find an alternative beverage to drink.

“Its kind of a funny story” said Kelsey Kinney an organizer of the event. “We actually all had gone on a ketogenic diet together and started drinking a lot of whiskey instead of beer and started to really love it. And we thought, Hey lets throw a whiskey festival we are in a unique position we can go find people who have similar ideas to us and we can really promote what we love, and we love whiskey.”

The Mountain West Whiskey Festival partnered with a liquor store, Timmon’s Market so any whiskey that was at the festival can be ordered through their store. The festival continues to grow with over 500 people attending Saturday’s event.

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