10:20 AM Weather Update: Road Conditions and Forecast Discussion

Here's a breakdown of current conditions and what we're looking at moving forward


Here are some updated road conditions across the area. The sun angle has helped immensely, even with the cloud cover, to keep treated roads relatively wet. Untreated roads are still an issue, and should be traveled with caution. Snow bands will continue to comb areas of the Eastern and Northern Foothills, including the Northeastern parts of our viewing area. Winds will continue through Friday morning, but overall snowfall rates should diminish by this afternoon and evening.

  • Rapid City Tower Cam

  • Tilford, I-90

  • Spearfish, I-90

  • Wall, I-90

  • Outside of Hot Springs, SD-79

  • 20 Miles North of Belle Fourche, US-85

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  • Rapid City Tower Cam – Thursday, October 10th 4:23 AM
  • Snow covered roads and icy roads through town and surrounding areas.

  • Radar as of 4:21 this morning shows areas of Northeast Wyoming seeing less snowfall, and areas of West River seeing higher impacts and heavier snow bands move in.
  • This is expected to continue well into Thursday morning as our system pivots right over Western South Dakota.

  • The roads marked as white and pink on Safe Travel USA’a Website are snow covered roads.
  • Areas to the East of Wall are still holding strong, but are likely to become snow covered over the next couple of hours.

  • Northeast Wyoming, despite lower snowfall rates is still seeing high road impacts due to windy conditions and blowing snow.
  • This stretches all the way from Gillette to the South Dakota border, drivers should expect hazardous driving conditions through this morning.

Here are some of the road conditions across the area this morning.

  • Tilford – I-90

  • Spearfish, I-90

  • Wall, I-90

  • Outside Hot Springs, SD-79

  • 20 Miles North of Belle Fourche, US-85

  • By 7 this morning, snow is expected to continue across the area, with areas of blowing snow and hazardous driving conditions from Northeast Wyoming heading East.

  • By the afternoon we start seeing some signs of resistance, and snowfall rates starting to decrease in some areas.
  • the Northern Black Hills, and some stubborn areas of the foothills will hand on to moderate to high snowfall rates through the afternoon, with breaks here and there.
  • Windy conditions will continue through the afternoon, so even if snowfall rates decline driving may still be hazardous at times.

  • By 8 tonight we’re starting to see some real improvements as far as snowfall is concerned, with areas of the Northern hills holding on to stubborn snow bands.
  • Once again, windy conditions will continue through the evening, so snow covered roads are still expected to be an issue.

  • Overnight into Friday will see most action push East of the Black Hills, leaving chilly but otherwise dry conditions across our area.
  • Winds will still be kickin’ around the 35 mph range with wind chill factors in the single digits, so caution is still advised Friday morning.

  • For many of us, temperatures won’t get out of the 20s throughout today. Make sure to dress warm, and cover up.
  • If you can, limit outdoor exposore if possible and make sure you have a way to stay warm.

We’re going to have multiple weather updates throughout the morning, so make sure to stay with us. To check on school delays and closings, you can go to Nc1.tv/closings . Be sure to send us your pictures and snow measurements! – Send them to Nc1.tv/upload , or you can just post them in the comment section of our Social Media updates.

snowfall rates seem to be on track at this time, with perhaps a little less South of I-90. we’ll provide updates as they come in, thanks for tuning in with us and BE SAFE out there! -Brant, Megan, Samantha and the morning team 🙂

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