40 acres of the former STAR Academy sold, 133 acres still under state authority

CUSTER, S.D. — On Wednesday morning, the state held its auction for the former STAR Academy property.

About two dozen people showed up as spectators and to submit bids.

Up for grabs were three different items; one being the entire property, which is 173 acres of land, another being a 40 acres parcel of land, and lastly the main campus building by itself. The first round of auctions didn’t go as planned, with no one bidding. After the crowd was offered a recess to ask questions and think, there was one bid.

Bidder 11, went home with the 40-acre parcel of land, selling for $320,000.

“Ultimately it’s a step forward and we’ll have to see how we, the state, wants to proceed with the rest of the campus that we still own,” says Ryan Brunner, School and Lands Commissioner.

This leaves the state with 133 acres, which would cost at minimum around $1.68 million. The biggest issue that the state is running into is the amount of property in which they are selling and the rapidly aging buildings.

“A lot of square footage of building makes it difficult and there are some buildings there that are not in very good condition that need to be looked at,” Brunner said.

From this point forward the state will re-evaluate the location and decide what they want to do with the land. It will be at least 30 days before the next auction happens.

“We do still have a large campus and a lot of really nice Black Hills property; water, sewer, electric, fiber optic, all tied in together for the right person to come along and hopefully put that back into production,” adds Brunner.

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