4-H teens present prize winners at Meade County Fair

Young ranchers showed off their literal pet projects and even brought home a few blue ribbons.

Sturgis locals enjoyed classic fair fun with family during the Meade County Fair and 4-H Appreciation Days at Sturgis Brown High School this weekend.

Organizers held the junior livestock competition on Saturday, where 4-H club members presented goats, cows, pheasants and other animals raised over the summer.

A panel of judges rated the animals based on presentation, coat quality and size before awarding ribbons to the best in show.

Ron Adam, Meade County Fair Association president, said the livestock exhibit was meant to teach teens about animal husbandry and potentially bring in some fresh blood to the agriculture industry.

"There’s a little more to the 4-H showing: they actually get interviewed by a judge, and it makes it a very learning opportunity for them because they’ll show their animal and the judges will interact with them," Adam said. "[They’ll] talk about what they learned in preparing this animal and the judge will give them some tips and pointers that they can improve for next year."

Attendees also enjoyed special events like an ice cream social, frog jumping contests and turtle races, among other activities, throughout the weekend.

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