39th annual Black Hills Sports Show and Outdoor Expo wraps up another successful year

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Black Hills Sports Show and Outdoor Expo came to a close Sunday afternoon, and organizers were more than pleased with the event.

The Expo showcased over 100 dealers and vendors, with something special for everyone.  From boats, to RV’s and outdoor trips, the Expo covered it all.

“We have a good turnout with the vendors, because they haven’t had many shows across the country. And I know one lady, or some people that have come from out of state. They have come quite a ways. There’s a booth downstairs, that has fishing guides that come from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They came a long ways to be in our Sports Show,” said Mike Stirling, recorder for the Naja Shriners.

While outdoor equipment and gear were expected, there was something for the kids as well. There were several rooms with just games for the little ones, including a fishing game, archery practice, simulated hunting, and a mini bike park.

“It allows it to be more of a family event, with the parents can be down looking around at the boats and stuff. But then also have the opportunity to have the kids have fun. Whether it’s just playing the fishing game or going through the archery event. It just allows everyone to have family fun on Sunday,” said volunteer Sophia Janssen.


“It’s been good. All the kids love the games and stuff. All that,” said volunteer Lainey Van Zee.

All funds generated by the Sports Show go back to youth groups and youth organizations in the Rapid City area.

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