34° recorded overnight in Deerfield: Cue Mr. Freeze puns

Breezy, Dry and Cool conditions for the next 24 hours, before our next chance of storms pops up Thursday night and Friday

  • Certainly not what you expected to wake up to an early August morning, but Deerfield has been known to break the mold when it comes to most climatology for the region.
  • Dry, easily manipulated air temperatures are partially to blame as Northwesterly Winds usher in very dry air from Canada.
  • Water can absorb 4.5 times more heat than dry air, so when you remove moisture you can have easily changing temperatures within  short period of time.
  • This is partially why we’ve had a relatively “cool” summer, there’s been so much moisture in the region! – Harder to heat things up with water absorbing most of the energy during peak heating hours…. this also leads to higher thunderstorm chances as well.

  • A last ditch effort by this exiting system will bring a few isolated showers early this morning North to south, ending by lunchtime.
  • Breezy Northwesterly winds could gust up to 45 mph out towards Harding and Perkins County, with 35-40 mph towards areas of Rapid City.
  • Temperatures will once again struggle to break 70° for many areas, with a few 80s the further East you travel away from the Black Hills.

  • Most of our breezy conditions should stay on the Northern and Eastern flanks of the Hills, with a few gusts possible in Northeastern Wyoming.
  • These winds should diminish as we get closer to Tuesday evening.

  • If you are sensitive to weather conditions and get headaches with changing air masses, you’ll feel this today.
  • With dew points crashing into the low 30s, even high 20s in some cases, this will be some of the driest air we’ve felt in this region in quite some time.
  • With gusty winds and low relative humidity, we’ll want to be cautious of any potential fire activity that might pick up.

  • A quick snapshot shows dry, sunny conditions persisting into at least Thursday, where temperatures will be hovering just around 80°
  • Southerly Winds will help usher in a little bit of moisture on Wednesday, and things will relatively stabilize by Labor Day Weekend with temperatures back up the mid-80s by next week

So far – dry, sunny conditions looks likely for Labor Day Weekend. I feel like we’ve earned this and I’m going to do my best to keep it in the forecast. I am watching a convincing trough and possibility of unsettled weather materialize in long range models for next week, but this is Harry Potter land we’re talking about of course. Enjoy the dry weather, and MOST of all enjoy our warm temperatures. Things can change here in a snap once we get to September, and we want to soak in as much of the sun as possible as our days start to get shorter… – Brant

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