32-year-old Tracy Laughlin pleads guilty to being an accessory in shooting case

Tracy Laughlin

Photo Courtesy RCPD

A sentencing date has been set for a Rapid City woman following a plea deal from the state.

32-year-old Tracy Laughlin pleaded guilty to being an accessory to charges stemming from a fatal shooting at the Dakota Rose Inn April of this year.

Laughlin admits to helping co-defendants Travis Nelson, William Long, and Gilbert Reyna after a shooting incident that killed Jesus Vance. Murder charges have been dismissed for all four after the judge ruled that none of the defendants shot Vance. Per the plea agreement, charges against Laughlin for aiding and abetting kidnapping and assault were dropped.

Laughlin instead pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact and faces up to five years in prison. Laughlin also plead guilty to two counts of forgery stemming from unrelated cases.

Sentencing is set for the morning of December 3.

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