3-D Car Racing at Western Dakota Tech

RAPID CITY, S.D – Mini cars took to the track at Western Dakota Technical Institute on Tuesday. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) students created their own 3-D cars. The students spent four months sketching, composing and testing their mini vehicles.

The cars raced down an 80-foot long track, designed to test speed and endurance.

This was their 4th Annual 3-D car race, but definitely the most competitive. Most of the car parts were individually crafted from the frame, body, and motor. All cars were powered by electronic motors and 9V batteries.

CAD students learn about parametric 3-D modeling and gear and belt drive systems in their classes. This 3-D Printed Car Race gives them the opportunity to apply what they learned. Not only are their skills put to the test, but they get hands-on experience in the field. It is a chance to perfect their craft.

The overall winner was 8-year-old Ben Loverich, the son of a CAD instructor. His father James spoke on his behalf.

“As I was working on recording the tutorial videos for my students, my son was there working along with me,” said Loverich.

He said Ben fell in love with racing when he attended his first 3-D Car Race at 4 years old. After that, he insisted on participating and learning how to build his own car.

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