2nd Annual Farm-To-Table Cookout

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Buying fresh and local has been a growing trend in recent years.

On Thursday Regional Health Rapid City Hospital held its second annual farm-to-table cookout.

“Of course, we use a lot of local produce, a lot of local products that we bring in here. We try and make good honest food,”  said Head Chef Scott Brinker.

Hospital employees and guests were able to sample some of the fresh food grown and produced by local suppliers; burgers, lamb, fruit and much more. Even the ketchup and pickles were produced locally.

Customers both present and potential, were able to talk with the local producers about the benefits of farm-to-table.

 “You know exactly how it’s grown, where it’s from, you can ask the producers exactly how are you raising your livestock, how are you raising your grains or your produce? It’s so much fresher and so much health,” said Gwendolyn Kitzan a vendor.

Throughout the summer the vendors will be at the hospital’s Nourish restaurant , selling their food every Thursday. Vendors will sell fresh meat, vegetables, grain, and even wool.

“The food movement is nothing goes to waste so what we do is we enjoy the farm fresh lamb, at the same time we go ahead and send all of our families pelts off for processing,” said Kitzan.

Unprocessed foods are overall better for health and well-being.

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