23.06″ of precipitation: Rapid City On Track for Wettest Year on Record

We are neck and neck with 2015 for the highest precipitation from January 1st until now. We will see if we can keep up the pace

  • For those of you wondering, we did in fact hit the 31° mark at Deerfield Reservoir last night, officially placing the Black Hills under freezing temperatures
  • Looking forward in the forecast we’re going to quickly rebound from this frosty spiral and find ourselves right back in Summer conditions, with a few hiccups
  • Today will be close to perfect, if you enjoy warm sunny days and a light breeze. Temperatures will be close to 80°, with a few mid 80s as you head East of the Black Hills

  • With the rainfall received from Sundays storm, we are starting to pull away from 2015’s record year for precipitation and establishing our own
  • As of this morning, the Rapid City area is at 23.06″ of precipitation since January 1st, beating out the 2015 record year of 22.59″ at this time. The normal for this time of year is around 12.50″
  • We have nearly doubled the amount of moisture we usually receive in this area, so for anyone who says this is normal…. it’s not.
  • Should we continue on our pace through the Fall and into December, we will have established this year as the wettest year recorded in Rapid City.
  • This does not include other areas such as Spearfish, that has received 23.37″ of rain so far this year, which isn’t even close to the record in 1946 – where we were at 31.22″ by this time

  • The forecast over the next couple of days is promising for dry conditions, with temperatures slightly dipping for Thursday
  • Late Thursday into Friday our next chance of isolated thunderstorms comes up, with increasing moisture and cloud cover
  • Northeasterly Winds will bring upslope flow, forcing moisture to condense off the great plains and making things feel much cooler by Friday
  • With that moisture, however, will come increasing chances of thunderstorms and general cloud cover, temperatures will struggle to hi the high 60s!

  • Labor Day looks promising, with only a slight chance of a pop up on Sunday with 70s for temperatures, and things warming up going through Sunday and Labor
  • A very interesting feature is developing in long range models however, depicting the jet stream giving a good whiplash of the West coast
  • This provides a couple of scenarios, ones that could have fairly interesting implications for our weather next week.
  • Either a cut-off low develops, sending it bowling into the West coast and stalling there, or the overall trough pulls the “U” feature of the jet stream inland
  • this could have big implications for unsettled weather next week. We will be watching, closely

Don’t let the 31° at Deerfield scare anyone into thinking a bad winter is on tap, The area is frequent to cold plunges during particularly dry and clear conditions (like last night) and marks more of a mere formality, and fascinating look at Black Hills dynamics. We will forget about Deerfield by next week, as humid and hot conditions will be likely for Labor Day. Should the West coast system materialize and move inland, it’ll have plenty of heat and moisture to work with. If you want a visual of what this trough might be capable of, look at Monday’s temperatures, and then Tuesday’s….. we’ll keep an eye on it – Brant

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