2023 to start with some winter weather, but what about the rest of the week?


RAPID CITY, S.D. – Let’s check out what the weather will be like as we head into the first week of 2023.

Temperature trends: 

Temperatures will rise gradually throughout the week. We should see 40’s again by the weekend!

Will we get any precipitation?

2023 is starting off with a decent snow storm. A narrow band of snow will impact the area throughout Monday and the very early hours of Tuesday morning. Because of some dry air affecting the northern edge of the snow band, snowfall total will fall off sharply north of I-90. Rapid City should have some help from upslope winds, increasing the snowfall amounts, but these effects will be limited because of the dry air. Rapid City could see 4-9 inches of snow, depending on how far north the snow band is.

Will it be windy?

By South Dakota’s standards? No. Tuesday could be a little breezy, blowing some snow around, but the rest of the week should be relatively calm.

What should I wear?

Wear your typical winter attire for the beginning of the wee. You might be able to shed a layer or two as the week goes on.

Weekend forecast:

Temperatures will be in the 40’s for the weekend and we shouldn’t see any precipitation. So, it would be a great weekend to get out and enjoy some outdoor activities.

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