2021 Firecracker Tournament features loaded field

RAPID CITY, S.D. – It’s that time of year again.

Baseball teams from across the country will gather in Rapid City for the Firecracker Tournament which kicks off on Wednesday, June 30 and runs through July 4 at Fitzgerald Stadium.

The tournament features eight teams from six states including Post 22, Missoula, Creighton Prep from Nebraska, the River Park Eagles from California and Terre Haute, Indiana.

There’s also three teams from Colorado; Rocky Mountain, Premier West and Thunder Academy.

Last year, Rocky Mountain defeated Post 22 to win the Firecracker Tournament.

Post 22 head coach Kelvin Torve expects some great games this week.

“We try to play the best competition possible,” said Kelvin Torve. “When coach Ploof started this tournament back in the mid-late 70’s, that was his goal is to bring in teams to the area that would provide good baseball and provide a life experience for the visiting teams. Going to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. So it all works together and I think it’s for the benefit of not just the baseball fans of Rapid City, but Rapid City as a whole.”

Post 22 as struggled as of late.

The Hardhats recently won just one out of six games at the Creighton Tournament in Omaha.

In fact, the Hardhats enter the Firecracker Tournament on a five-game losing streak and an overall record of 21-20.

Coach Torve says his team is still trying to find a way to play more consistent.

“We’re one game above .500 which is in the line of Post 22, is unacceptable,” said Torve. “But we’re working hard. We had practice today. We went two and a half hours and we had guys coming up wanting extra work. Nobody’s giving up. I told our guys the last chapter has not been written yet. To this point, it’s not what we wanted. But there’s still a month in the season left. We’ve got good baseball players and as along as they compete and as long as they are good team mates, I think we’ll be fine.”     



Firecracker Tournament Schedule

Wednesday, June 30

10:15 am   Rocky Mt vs River Park
12:30 pm   Premier West vs River Park
2:45 pm   Thunder Academy vs Terra Haute
5:00 pm   Missoula vs Creighton Prep
7:15 pm   Hardhats vs Creighton Prep


Thursday, July 1

8:00 am   Expos vs Thunder Academy
10:15 am   Rocky Mt vs Creighton Prep
12:30 pm   River Park vs Missoula
2:45 pm   Missoula vs Premier
5:00 pm   Expos vs Premier West
7:15 pm   Hardhats vs Terra Haute


Friday, July 2

10:15 am   Terra Haute vs Missoula
12:30 pm   Terra Haute vs Creighton Prep
2:45 pm   Rocky Mt vs Thunder Academy
5:00 pm   Hardhats vs River Park
7:15 pm   Hardhats vs Premier West


Saturday, July 3

10:15 am   Creighton Prep vs River Park
12:30 pm   Premier West vs Rocky Mt.
2:45 pm   Rocky Mt vs Terra Haute
5:00 pm   Missoula vs Thunder Academy
7:15 pm   Hardhats vs Thunder Academy
10:00 pm   The Fitz vs FIREWORKS


Sunday, July 4

8:00 am    7th Seed vs 8th Seed
10:15 am    6th Seed vs 5th Seed
12:30 pm    4th Seed vs 3rd Seed
2:45 pm    2nd Seed vs 1st Seed



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