19th Annual Ice Bowl!

Rapid City, SD — Players from as far as Chadron, Gillette and Pierre made their way to the Jackson Park Disc Golf Course this weekend for the 19th Annual Ice Bowl. The Ice Bowl is a worldwide disc golf event held in winter with the intention of raising awareness of disc golf and funds for charities. Oftentimes the focus is on charities fighting hunger. For the last 12 years the Black Hills Disc Golf Club has been donating proceeds from its Ice Bowl to Feeding South Dakota.

Mike Nona of Spearfish has been playing for 7 years and loves being able to give back to the community through disc golf. He says,

“This tournament’s amazing, because it’s such a great way to sponsor Feeding South Dakota. I was able to raise $1,126 by myself today for this organization. It was amazing.”

Disc golf is played similarly to golf, but with a disc slightly smaller than a Frisbee. It is considered one of the fastest growing sports in the United States with the PDGA estimating that more than a million people play regularly. Players attribute this to the sport being highly addicting. One of the Black Hills professional disc golf players, Justin Cournoyer, began for the fun of the sport. He said,

“It just got addicting. There are certain things that you do, like for instance getting a hole in one off the tee. That’s what got me addicted. And then throwing and watching a disk fly too is just like, ohhhh, that’s kind of soothing, that’s kind of relaxing, and then sooner or later I’m coming out here. Just relaxing throwing, just having fun. That’s how it all starts, having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not playing disc golf.

While disc golf is fun to play, it’s certainly nice to also win. After a long day of competing, Justin ended the first tournament of the year with a bang, bagging first place. Along with the Ice Bowl, the Black Hills Disc Golf Club hosts several events including a buy-sell-and trade for those interested.

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