1880 Train Holiday Express trips start this weekend; remember to reserve tickets


1880 Train Holiday Express20HILL CITY, S.D. – It’s the most wonderful time of the year to try something new. Or maybe it’s something you like bringing your kids to every year.

This can be the 1880 Train’s Holiday Express with an every weekend schedule from Thanksgiving to New Years, with a few extra days around Christmas.

“It’s just great to see the little kids on board the train and just enjoying the train ride. Then as we get closer and closer to the North Pole, when they first catch a glimpse of Santa Claus, the carts just become alive with energy and enjoyment as the kids see it,” Nathan Anderson, business operations manager of the 1880 Train, said. “So, it’s actually a lot of fun to work on these trains and just a lot of fun to watch our customers enjoying themselves.”

How to reserve tickets

You can either visit the 1880 Train website and click the “Purchase Tickets” tab. Once on that page, you can fill out the date and time you want tickets, the number of tickets, selecting seats, reviewing and payment.

For ticket classes, you can get regular, first class or Spiked! tickets.

Spiked! class is for adults 21 years old and up.

Holiday Express Tickets

A few trains have been completely sold out and the 1880 Train have had more sales then this time last year.

What should you wear

It was suggested to dress in layers, even if you end up riding in an enclosed train car.

“All the enclosed cars, they have small heaters in them, but they’re not going to heat the whole car up to room temperature. So we do recommend that people dress in layers,” Anderson said. “You’ll be standing outside as you board the train. So, if you’re comfortable outside then you’re going to be fine on the train. Once you get on board, people will sort of heat the train up itself.”

People can also arrive in festive outfits and bring things as well which people can do too.

“People do come in their festive coats and festive reindeer hats. Their pajamas and they bring blankets and all that stuff is welcomed on board the train,” Anderson said. “We enjoy the festive attire and the festive attitude on the train.”

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