15% of Rapid City students register for distance learning

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With classes under three weeks away, the Rapid City Area Schools deadline to register for distance learning has passed.

The district says over 2,000 students registered for the full remote learning option – that’s about 15% of the student population.

Spokesperson for the district, Katy Urban, says this number is slightly lower than what they were expecting.

The district is set to begin classes September 8th with the majority of students in the classroom.

When it comes to reporting positive cases in schools, the state Department of Health says they plan to handle cases similar to scenarios in the past.

“There are definitely a lot of moving pieces and moving components when it comes to a case investigation but this is the same process we’ve been using throughout the pandemic in other business settings and other situations,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Josh Clayton.

Students at the college level who test positive for COVID-19 will also be reported to their local universities and subsequently, the state Department of Health, even if they are out-of-state residents.

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