15 new members take their oath at the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

Pcso RallyRAPID CITY, S.D. — The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office bringing on a few deputies and other staff members Tuesday afternoon.

In a swearing-in ceremony at the Public Safety Building in Rapid City, the Sheriff’s Office welcomed 15 new members to its staff. Of the 425 employed with the Sheriff’s Office, only about a quarter work in law enforcement. So, along with four new Sheriff’s Deputies were new hires for the Care Campus, 24/7 Program, and the County Jail.

Deputies and correctional officers taking the oath office to solidify their commitment to their position.

“You’re taking on more than just a job. Not only is this a career but your choosing to protect and serve and uphold the rights of the people you’re doing that for. So it’s something you take seriously, it’s that big of a deal that you have to raise your right hand take an oath of office and sign that sheet of paper,” Steph McCoy, PCSO Director of Administrative Services.

McCoy says the Sheriff’s Office is much more than just law enforcement, and despite so many joining the office, they are still actively hiring an encourages anyone interest is encouraged to call the Pennington County Office.

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