14th Mustang Rally comes to a close

STURGIS, S.D.— As the summer winds down in the Black Hills, so are the various vehicle rallies, such as the Mustang Rally.

The Mustang Rally is usually hosted during the Labor Day weekend, an opportunity for Mustang owners and lovers to enjoy each others company, and live their dreams of high speed racing. The event has drawn drivers from around the country for fourteen years. This year, attracting a South African photographer.

Like many events around the country, the rally did see lower attendance, but organizers said it was still a complete success.

“We had a really good turnout here at this event,” said Co-Owner of the Gateway Classic Mustang, Lonny Childress. “People and car wise both. It seems like at all of the events that we’ve done all year long, it’s the more serious people that are really into the cars, or a lot of places where we have a lot of vendors, people are coming to by. Probably because they are working on projects at home because they’re not at work, or whatever. But overall it’s been really good and we’re happy to be out.”

While attendance was slightly lower, there were a lot of new faces. To prep drivers for the high speed course, the rally held classes to teach new racers the track and safety tips.

“We did autocross school, which is always a lot of fun,” said Childress. “We had to teach it a little bit different this year. As instructors, we had to stay out of the car, typically we’re riding with the students. But we actually coaches from outside the car, which actually turned out really well. We think we’re probably going to incorporate it at different schools.”

There was also a test and tune autocross class that allowed to pay a fee to run as many laps as they wanted and tune their cars to the track.  Aside from the love of mustangs and racing, for some, like 13-yr old Mikayla Krieger, it is a family affair. Krieger, who has been racing for the last three years, says she grew up with both parents racing, and enjoys the time with her mustang family.

“My main things coming out here, is i just like to see everybody,” said Krieger. “We’ve made our only car family and it’s just fun to race cuz you don’t really see it very often of someone my age racing, so why not do it?”

Krieger came in second place in the youth division race, and throughout the event participated as a volunteer. The event will come to a close Monday evening, with a free concert.


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