1+1 Winner: Tara King

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank partner together throughout the school year to provide a $500 grant to local teachers or faculty members to cover project expenses outside their budget.  

Monday, first grade teacher Tara King from Horace Mann Elementary received the $500 for being a standout teacher. King was nominated by the parents of two former students.

King hopes to put the money toward new books for her students to take home. She’s also considering purchasing Christmas presents for students.

“Books always help,” said King. “And they love to take books home, and anything with books they love. So I mean, that’s where I get my happiness from, is just seeing them happy."

The 1+1 Giveaway provides extra support for teachers to improve the overall classroom experience.

“Most of the time, you can tell how caring [the teachers] are, and how much they love their kids or that certain classroom, or about how passionate they are about that grade," said First Interstate Bank representative Amber Whitford.  

Anyone can qualify for the grant, so if you or someone you know could use the extra cash in the classroom, nominate them here. View other winners here.

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