1+1 Winner: Sara Sherman

A teacher at South Middle School in Rapid City can engage her students like never before.

Math teacher Sara Sherman was announced as the winner of the 1+1 Giveaway on Tuesday. Every other week throughout the school year, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank team up to award a deserving educator with a $500 grant. Funds can be used to buy supplies for classroom projects.

Sherman plans to use the funds to buy a classroom FM system. Students use headsets to listen to the teacher and interact with each other. The technology will give her a new way to interact with students who may be hard of hearing, and it also allows for one-on-one communication.

“I have one that I wear and one that the students pass around, so when they’re sharing, their voices can be heard,” Sherman said.

6th grade teacher Sara Sherman receives her $500 grant as part of the 1+1 Giveaway. Photo taken Oct. 24, 2017

The headsets will also help Sherman save her voice after a long day of teaching.

Since the 1+1 Giveaway program allows teachers to expand upon concepts or start new projects outside the school’s curriculum, NewsCenter1 Sales and Marketing Manager Anna Whetham it also helps teachers explore and share their passions with their students.

“There are so many different opportunities that each teacher has and wants to be able to bring to that classroom to help their kids,” said Whetham. “And that’s what it really comes down to- sometimes financially, schools are unable to help those teachers with their projects. so this is something that us and First Interstate Bank can do to help out those teachers and ultimately help those kids too.”

To nominate yourself or another area educator for the 1+1 Giveaway, CLICK HERE. View other winners HERE.

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