1+1 Winner: Nancy Deranleau

Throughout the school year, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank partner twice a month to provide a $500 grant to local teachers and faculty members for their outstanding work. It’s called the 1+1 Giveaway.

South Middle School Physical Education and Health teacher Nancy Deranleau is this week’s winner. With the grant, she hopes to inspire girls to break stereotypes in the gym. Deranleau plans to buy a glute machine which she says will help introduce her female students to weight lifting.

"We do a weight unit throughout the year," said Deranleau. "It’s just exciting to see them get involved in the weight room and know that it’s important for women to build muscle and bone strength through lifting weights."

The machine, which is designed for females, exercises both the glutes and the hamstrings. Deranleau hopes the machine will inspire her students to live healthy lifestyles and possibly lift weights when they’re older.

"Sometimes, there’s different units that inspire different kids, so this is our weight unit," she said. "We do it to show the girls about good health and maybe to inspire them to really want to get healthy and they can even lift weights as a professional if they choose."

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank’s 1+1 Grant allows local teachers like Deranleau to pursue projects outside of the curriculum.

"This is our way with First Interstate Bank, our great partner, to have an opportunity to help out the teachers in our area and give them an opportunity to do things that maybe sometimes the schools can’t afford to do and have it in their budget," said NewsCenter1 Sales and Marketing Manager Anna Whetham.

For Deranleau and her 300 students, they’ll get to use state of the art equipment to stay in shape.

"Thank you NewsCenter1, this is an awesome awesome gift. We love it, it will inspire our girls to have some fun in the weight room."

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