1+1 Winner: Jennifer Mueller

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank partner together twice a month to provide a $500 grant to local teachers and faculty members for their outstanding work. It’s called the 1+1 Giveaway.

Jennifer Mueller is the most recent winner. She’s been an English teacher at Central High School for 17 years.

Mueller says that as schools become more driven by technology, she knows exactly what she’s going to do with the grant.

"I want to purchase some Kindle Fires for my reading students and the other students as well,” she says. “We don’t have enough electronic devices or computers for every student to use. So when we’re – as an English department – immersed in English papers, then the resources that my students have are really limited." 

One thing that makes Mueller a standout teacher is her mission to help create standout students.

"My goal at the end of the day is that they learn something new,” she says, “that they have something that teaches them about life to take away with them."

To nominate yourself or another area educator for the 1+1 Giveaway. CLICK HERE. View other winners HERE.

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