1+1 Winner: Eirik Kettering

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The latest recipient of the One-Plus-One grant was sixth-grade middle school math teacher, Eirik Kettering, of North Middle School in Rapid City. He is looking to fund new ways for kids to explore math.

“At North Middle School we like to do workshop math, workshop model and allow students time to create their own learning and this is totally and an excitement.” said Kettering.

Kettering states that with his math classes having extended time frames this year, and the current curriculum, it just doesn’t work with the students. He believes that a hands-on approach to learning will hold their attention in the 90 minute class.

“With the five hundred dollars we will be buying things such as math manipulatives, objects which students can count and help them, model the problems better, games which students can use at stations which relate to their standards of math that they can play and help them have fun with the learning as well. And the students are already really excited with some of the stuff we bought and so this check put a smile on all their faces.” said Kettering.

First Interstate Bank understands how tough it is for students to sit at desks throughout the day and were very pleased to award Kettering the grant for his interest in making learning math fun.

“When reviewing his nomination you could see his excitement, and explaining what he was going to use it for I mean I know how hard it is to sit at a desk all day and I can’t imagine for middle school students how hard it is, so the stations will really help with that.” said Nicole Knoppe, First Interstate Bank.

If you know a teacher who deserves a One-Plus-One grant, or you are a teacher that believes the grant could fund your next project, you can submit a nomination HERE on our website.

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