1+1 Winner: Andrea Thedorff

Twice a month, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank team up for the $500 1+1 Giveaway to help educators with special projects. This week’s recipient is third grade elementary teacher Andrea Thedorff of Black Hawk Elementary.

The educator’s goal is to strengthen the STEAM program for her students, which is an educational approach to science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. She plans to do this with a program called Osmo Kids that blends physical and digital education.

“I applied to get more Osmo Kids in my classroom, which we attach to the iPad to make it more interactive,” said Thedorff. “We use them a lot during our reading time and our STEAM time. It just gives us another opportunity to make learning more fun.”

With limited funding for education, the $500 can go a long way. Anna Whetham, NewsCenter1’s director of marketing and sales, shares why the giveaway is so important.  

“There’s only so much that be can be done through the school districts and the budgets that they have,” said Whetham. “If we can add some additional money and funding for these teachers to do some of those projects, it only allows us to be able to help those kids and teachers.”

Thedorff offered words of wisdom when it comes to early education.  

“If we don’t give [students] the tools now, they just won’t have them in the future,” said Thedorff.

To nominate yourself or another area educator for the 1+1 Giveaway, CLICK HERE. View other winners HERE.

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