1+1 Winner: Amber Robbins

RAPID CITY, S.D. — This month’s recipient of the ‘1+1 Giveaway’ from NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank is Amber Robbins, 6-8th grade STEAM teacher from West Middle School. Robbins is interested in finding new ways for her students to explore outside the class curriculum.

“What better way to teach the kids to think critically, solving problems, than to use the Black Hills Escape Rooms,” said Robbins. “Where they work as a team collaboratively and creatively. They’ve got time-management skills they have to use. They have to be working together and plus they’re having a great time at the same time!”

Robbins said that while at the escape room students will be placed in a room and asked to solve puzzles and connect clues in order to escape, all under one hour.

Robbins has a 90-minute class once a week on Mondays. She thinks she could take 20 of her students to two different escape rooms at the same time as her classes are at the end of the day. Her students also change out at the end of every eight-week term. A total of 40 students would be able to take part in the experience.

First Interstate Bank can tell Robbins is very passionate about teaching her students outside the coursework.

 “After meeting Mrs. Robbins it’s awesome to see how dedicated she is to getting her kids out there, and I’m excited for them to have this opportunity to go to the Escape Rooms,” said Kelsey York, of First Interstate Bank Financial Services.

If you know a teacher who deserves a One-Plus-One grant, or you are a teacher that believes the grant could fund your next project, you can submit a nomination HERE on our website.

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