1+1 Giveaway – Tony Pataky

A local teacher who served in the Air Force suffered hearing loss during his time in the military. Now his goal is to purchase a special microphone to amplify his students’ voices.

That’s where NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank come in.

Tony Pataky, a 3rd grade teacher at Badger Clark Elementary in Box Elder, has hearing loss due to his time as a weapons instructor in the Air Force and often struggles to hear the range of his students voices.

He plans on using the funds to purchase a Qball microphone. It’s a ball that could be thrown around the class, that would magnify the speakers voice.

Through research and the help of his audiologist, Mr. Pataky found the Qball and saw the immense benefits within the classroom and cannot wait to start using the microphone.

“I’m just really grateful for this, I’ve been really wanting it since the beginning of the school year.” said Pataky, “I actually put in for this grant, and I can’t wait to use this. It’s gonna really help me hearing the kids a lot more rather than saying what all the time.”

Financial Services Representative Kelsey York with First Interstate Bank presented the $500 check, and is pleased to see the creative ways teachers utilize the extra funds.

“There’s a lot of fun ways teachers are utilizing this award that they can get,” said York “And with him having a little bit of hard hearing, I think that this will be a great way to hear his students, and for his students to hear each other as well.”

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