1+1 Giveaway: Todd Gregson teaches kids how to plant, grow and harvest their own produce with a hydroponics garden

Hydroponic Garden 5HERMOSA, S.D. – In this class, you can grow your veggies and eat them too.

In the hydroponics class offered at Hermosa school, kids study how to plant, grow and harvest their own produce. This class was started by Todd Gregson, paraprofessional at Hermosa School.

Gregson received the 1+1 Giveaway gift card, where NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank partner up to give a teacher $500 to help cover expenses outside their budget.

The gift cards will go toward materials for the hydroponics program, which Gregson says the students enjoy the hands-on work.

“I think it’s really important that people know how to grow, harvest and use fresh produce, especially in this area. I think if they start at an early age, it just goes on into adulthood and hopefully, they can teach their kids how to do it as well,” he said.

Along with the 1+1 giveaway, Gregson also has different fundraising ideas to help get more supplies.

Like Crayons for a Cause: Students in his hot shop class will collect broken crayons from other classrooms and from home, unwrap and sort them, before melting them into differently shaped molds to sell.

They are taking crayons from anyone who would like to put their unused crayons to help raise some funds.

Check out these photos of Todd Gregson teaching his hydroponics class:

Q&A with Todd Gregson:

How does it feel to receive this gift card?


What are you planning on using it for?


What is the hydroponics program?


Do the students enjoy this program?


Why is this hydroponic class important?

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