1+1 Giveaway – Nick Slanina

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Nick Slanina, known to the students as Mr. Slanina, has been working at West Middle School for a few years. In that time he has worked as an English teacher, and just this year became a technology teacher.

All of his students have “modules” to work on which are all printed out and stored in large binders for them to work out of, but over time those binders have become worn.

“Ever since I’ve worked here they have been the same binders and kids pick at them and they drop them on the ground, and they’re just getting beat up pretty bad.” said Nick Slanina, “So I really wanted to replace each binder with new material, new binders, with new sheet protectors, so the kids can work out of them without stuff falling out and the binders breaking down on them.”

So through the 1+1  partnership, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank were able to provide Mr. Slanina $500, which he says will go towards giving the students fresh binders with page protectors.

“So that’s going to go a long way for sure, we need a lot in this room,” continued Slanina, “So we will be able to buy binders and supplies for each module. It will be put to good use for sure.”

The grant is expected to help the nearly 300 students that use them.

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