1+1 Giveaway – Kristi Tlustos

KristitlustosRAPID CITY, S.D. – This school year has seen it’s ups and downs and teachers continue to look for solutions to help their students day to day. When they need a boost, that’s where NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank come in, with the “1+1 $500 Giveaway.”

This week’s winner is a Literacy teacher and Intervention Specialist from Knollwood Heights Elementary, Kristi Tlustos, who plans to use the funds to enhance the reading program for on-site and virtual learning.

“It’s been so different with virtual learning, so just knowing that I have some extra funds…the sky is kind of the limit right now with the things that we’re doing. I have no idea right now, I’m just shocked! We definitely just need anything to make things more interactive online,” said Tlustos.

To nominate your favorite teacher to be our next “1+1” winner, fill out an application on our website. 

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