1+1 Giveaway- Koreen Hammel

HOT SPRINGS, S.D.- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) are the focus of Koreen Hammel’s classroom curriculum. She teaches fifth grade at Hot Springs Elementary.

Koreen Hammel's 5th Grade Classroom

“We do Spheros, we do other robotics, we’ve got drones that we can work on this spring, we do coding with code.org and with Tinker, and it’s kind of just taken off from there,” Hammel says. 

Koreen’s passion for technology started when she was still in school herself. “When I went to college to get my Elementary Ed. degree, I got a K-12 Computer Technology degree with it, and sitting in the computer labs and programming and learning all of that back end information of how websites work and how different games work, the kids just absolutely love it and its something that I love to teach them,” she adds. 

Once she got STEAM lessons rolling in her classroom, Koreen expanded her reaches to other schools in the district. “We actually even have the STEAM classes that they added in the middle school, and I helped kind of spearhead that and get that moving, and then they are doing some robotics and advanced courses in the high school as well,” explains Hammel.

Technology and engineering skills have become increasingly valuable in the workforce, and she wants her students to have big opportunities when they graduate. “It gives kids the opportunity to explore a different type of career field,” Hammel says. “And engineering and robotics are hugely needed nowadays.”

Her advice to other teaches and parents? “Let the kids play, let the kids invent. Let them experience what it’s like to problem solve and to have to redo and fix and redo again.”

Koreen plans on using her money to purchase more science and engineering tools that help support her efforts in STEAM education.

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