1+1 Giveaway — Kelsey Trimble

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Every other week, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank team up to award a deserving area educator a $500 grant to help them improve and innovate in the classroom.

Kelsey Trimble, a teacher at East Middle School has been awarded this months 1+1 Giveaway. She hopes to buy Amazon Kindles for her reading intervention class.

“I’m super excited to get this for our classroom so we can just continue working with our kids, and just making them the best they can be,” said Trimble.

Some students have difficulty reading or easily lose their desire to try.

Trimble thinks having reading subscriptions through Kindles will inspire them through the use of technology.

“It’s so important to have one on one access to technology for our students, and this is just going to help give those students a better chance to be successful with all of the technology in our world today,” said Trimble.

First Interstate Bank felt this idea made an excellent choice for the 1+1 Giveaway winner.

“I think it’s interesting how she wants to use Audible for some people who may struggle with reading,” said Kelsey York, First Interstate Bank. “It should add some entertainment, and more desire to read for students with Kindles.”

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