1+1 Giveaway – Kelly Banning

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The fall semester seems to be flying by and local teachers are hard at work, making each and every school day special for their students.

NewsCenter1 partners with First Interstate Bank to award $500 dollars to a deserving teacher to help their classrooms.

September’s winner, Kelly Banning, teaches 2nd grade at South Canyon Elementary.

Every year the school holds a science fair. Kelly says her goal is to help out those students looking to experiment with science. Celebrating science with her students is something she says sets them up for success later in life.

“I just think never giving up, always exploring, trying to figure something out,” said Banning. “That’s just so important to keep growing your brain. And it also builds confidence. I mean, kids gain confidence in themselves and they gain confidence as readers, learners, writers, and it all comes together with science.”

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