1+1 Giveaway – Kailey Sawvell

MIDLAND, S.D. — Midland, South Dakota is home to about 100 people, and 14 kids attend school in town. Kailey Sawvell teaches the upper grade levels, and has the unique opportunity to instruct her students year after year, so she can cater her curriculum to their curiosities.

Kailey Sawvell awarded 1+1 Giveaway“I really get to form a personal relationship with them, and then through that, I can find things that they’re interested in and relate it to their lives specifically,” she explains. 

Many of her students are interested in science and technology, and Kailey hopes to be able to provide her small school with large possibilities.

“They’re really interested in doing a lot of science projects, and we just don’t have the materials to do a lot of those big things with them, and I would really really love for them to have that opportunity,” she said.

With more money to bring science to life in her classroom, she looks forward to teaching lessons that are applicable to the lives of each kid.

“They’re not all ranch kids, they’re not all farm kids, they’re not all town kids,” she added. “They all come from a different background and I’m able to relate it to each of them individually.”

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