1+1 Giveaway – Jimmy Cox

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Even on Thanksgiving break, a teacher’s work is never done. NewsCenter1 teams with First Interstate Bank to give teachers a $500 gift card to use for their classroom.

North Middle School

North Middle School

North Middle School

This week’s teacher is from North Middle School, who uses munchable motivation to help keep his students engaged.

Jimmy Cox, an Air Force veteran who teaches math at the middle school in Rapid City, helps motivate kids with rewards earned through his “Caught Ya” program.

“The ‘Caught Ya’ program is designed to catch kids where they’re doing good things at all levels,” he explains. “And it’s just a motivational program to get them. So when a kid is struggling to get work done, we can reward them.”

Through the program, kids get “Caught Ya” cards, which they can accumulate. When ready, they can cash in their cards for rewards ranging from snacks and candy to school swag.

The snacks, he says, are the items students like most, and is looking forward to being able to keep the store stocked with the goods.

“Given where we are, and our kids, they do like a lot of food products, and candy. So we’ll just put it to use for that,” he said.

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