1+1 Giveaway- Jennifer McClain

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Teachers work hard to make sure their students are succeeding in their work, like Rapid City Area Schools educator Jennifer McClain.

1+1 Jennifer McclainOn October 26, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank teamed up as part of their 1+1 Giveaway to give her $500 to use towards supplies for her classroom and students.

McClain teaches students at the Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center, where she has taught for three years.

Many students she works with may not have a positive outlook on learning, but through working with them one-on-one and helping them with lessons, she hopes to make learning fun for them.

“The individual attention is nice for students and they can relax a little bit and kind of be themselves. We joke, and I also explain to them that learning is hard sometimes,” she said. “It’s not something they’re going to get right away. So having that rapport with students is important.”

McClain gets her textbook, modules, and any other necessary items through the Rapid City Area Schools to provide educational credits for students. From there, she then proceeds to adapt lessons and content for students as needed.

With this grant, she plans to bring in resources for English Language Learners and classroom subjects such as math.

“We have some students that may be coming in or in the future that English isn’t their first language so definitely getting some resources for that. And then also, many of our students don’t attend school on a consistent basis, so they really need extra support in all areas.”

For more information on the 1+1 Giveaway and to find out how to nominate a teacher, click here.

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