1+1 Giveaway – Jason Boeding

BOX ELDER, S.D.- Math, science, and coding are important high school classes, but using this knowledge to create all sorts of wood, metal, and robotics inventions, that’s where kids can make lasting products and memories.

Welding At DouglasJason Boeding teaches career and tech education, or CTE, at Douglas High School.

“At Douglas here we do CTE. And for me, it’s robotics welding and drafting/CAD class,” Jason explains.

That means students create everything from metal cooking equipment to robots that they program themselves.

“They gain a lot of problem solving skills going through designing processes and then pretty much they learn how to fail, but then they learn how to succeed, and that prepares them for life after high school,” he adds. 

He explains that skills like welding are important, but patience and creativity are also fostered in the class.

“I got a pretty good background in skills,” Jason says. “And I know that skills helped me as I got through college. And that was kind of a thing I wanted to give back to students. Teaching skills gives confidence and makes them successful in what they’re going to do in the future.”

Shop classes are always in need of more materials, especially as the program grows.

“A lot of this kind of stuff that we use is depends on what the kids need. Materials like wood and those types of things, blades and other things like for robotics can be sensors gears, different types of things that are new every year,” he says.

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