1+1 Giveaway: Heather Linde still enjoys teaching science after 18 years at Central High School

RAPID CITY, S.D. – At Rapid City Central High School, Heather Linde has taught science for 18 years, focusing mainly on the human body. Which she says gives her a number of possible options for spending her $500 dollar grant.

NewsCenter1 partners up with First Interstate Bank to provide teachers with an extra $500 for their classrooms and Linde received one of these 1+1 gift cards.

To nominate a teacher in your area, visit the 1+1 Giveaway on NC1’s website.

Photos of Heather Linde teaching

Q&A with Heather Linde

How does it feel to get this gift card?

“Well, that is awesome to have that recognition,” Linde said. “I work with incredible students, and so it’s pretty amazing to be able to get some extra things that we can utilize in the classroom.”

What are your plans for the gift card?

Heather Linde8Not knowing exactly what to use the gift card for, Linde asked her students what they should use the money for. One suggestion was to get a new skeleton, since theirs doesn’t have a skull.

Other things that she could get include:

  • Forensic materials
  • Experiments in Biomedical Science
  • Updated microscope slides

What’s covered in your classes?

“So most of my classes deal with the human body,” Linde said. “So we just try to do whatever we can to dig a little bit deeper and learn more about how our bodies work and how to keep them healthy and working as best they can so we can have long, healthy lives.”

Do you find that students enjoy this class?

“Hopefully most of the time. There’s always things that maybe you’re not so excited about, but yeah, I try to do things that are relevant to my students and do things that involve activities and not just sitting there, like figuring things out and problem-solving and working in groups. That sort of thing,” Linde said.

Why is this something you enjoy doing?

“Well, I have a huge love for science and I also love to be around youth. So to be able to combine both of those and work with the kiddos that I get to every single day, it’s a pretty incredible job, right?” Linde said.

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