1+1 Giveaway – Cary Combs

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the school year is back in session, that means 1+1 is back. NewsCenter1 partners with First Interstate Bank to award a deserving teacher $500 dollars to boost their classrooms.

Our first winner this school year is Cary Combs, a K-5 instructional coach at Robbinsdale Elementary. She goes into all classrooms and works with students one on one, helping them focus when attentions can drift.

“So it’s really important that students are in their executive brain, because when we’re in our executive brain, that is when we can learn,” said Combs. “And so when students are stressed or anxious, they usually downshift into lower centers of their brain and they can learn. It’s really hard to understand the material, to take it in and to learn new things.”

She plans to use the grant money to purchase gadgets to serve as an outlet for the students she works with.

“We’ll use some of this for things like fidgets. We have a student who likes to drum a lot, but it’s like very distracting to other learners. So we’re doing we’re doing things like bringing in soft sponges that can go on the end of his pencils so he can drum and stay regulated but not distract other students,” said Combs.

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