1+1 Giveaway – Carey Adams

RAPID CITY, S.D. – School is back in session and so is our 1+1 Giveaway. Twice a month, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank team up to give a deserving educator $500 to use in the classroom or the school.

For the first giveaway of this school year, the Dean of Students Carey Adams at General Beadle Elementary, received the prize.

Her plans with the money go toward the good attendance prizes she and the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee has started.

Q&A with Carey Adams:

Q: What brought you into the role of Dean of Students?

A: “This will be my 11th year here at General Beadle, and I’ve been in the classroom, I’ve been an intervention specialist, and I just really enjoy working with the kids here at General Beadle. And I was ready for a new challenge.”

Q: How does it feel to receive this kind of gift?

A: “It’s very exciting to be rewarded with the $500. Our PBIS committee here at school, which is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, has been working really hard to reward our students for good attendance. This will really help our committee to buy things that the kids are really interested in to incentivize them for having perfect attendance each week.”

Q: What are some items that you will use the money for?

Adams SmileA: “There are certain things that we can buy with school funds, but there are things that the kids really like that we can’t buy with school funds. Last year, we had some donations of snacks and things that the kids like, but there’s certain things that the kids really love. Takis is one of them and fruit snacks. And those are things that we can’t buy with school funds. So, that will be great for us to use this money with because those are things they really would love to work for.”

Q: What started the program or this idea behind awarding students for their attendance?

A: “So, our committee talked last year, and we really want kids to be here more. We know that research says if a student misses more than 20 days of school, it’s really detrimental to their education going forward. So, we just really want our kids here to learn and be ready for the next grade. So last spring, we started incentivizing them for a perfect weekly attendance so they can pick a small trinket every Friday, or popcorn or something like that. They’re really excited about it and they really want to earn that each week and we’ve seen kids go from having poor attendance to having perfect attendance on a weekly basis just for a small incentive.”

Q: How have you seen the incentive work to improve attendance?

A: “Sometimes some kids – those extrinsic rewards work for them, and obviously we want them to eventually have that intrinsic thing. We want them to be at school, but sometimes you have to give them something for them to understand why they want to be at school. So, sometimes those extrinsic rewards are what we have to start with for them to learn that.

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