1+1 Giveaway – Bailey Matt

ELM SPRINGS, S.D. — “I’ve wanted to be a a teacher since I was in kindergarten,” Bailey Matt explained with joy upon receiving the reward for her classroom.

Elm Springs School 3She teaches kindergarten through eighth grade at Elm Springs School.

“That’s pretty rewarding to get to watch them grow up and be a part of it,” Matt adds.

In a learning environment that spans so many grades, she says it’s extra important to find activities that keep students engaged in their learning.

I want them to want to come to school. So we do a lot of fun days and a lot of rewards and a lot of cool projects to try to make learning more interesting and fun for them,” Matt says. 

Rewards encourage hard work, but Matt and her students celebrate unconventional learning too.

They wanted a reward of Cowboy Field Day, so we set up chairs outside and they ran courses like like barrel racers do and we had a roping competition,” she explains.

Bailey looks forward to buying more materials for her novel studies.

“They get to actually dive deep into a book and enjoy reading it and instead of just reading small stories from the curriculum,” Matt says.

She even held last year’s graduation barbecue in her backyard.

“It’s so cool to see them develop and mature and just grow into the amazing people that they are. And, you know, you always get sad at the end of the year because you’re losing your students. But I’m very lucky because I get them for nine years.”

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