1+1 Giveaway — Ashlynd Griffith

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Not every kids loves school, but a third grade teacher at South Canyon Elementary is trying to change that.

“I liked school up until third grade, and that was a really stressful year and I ended up not liking school at all,” explains Ashlynd Griffith.

She decided to focus her career on creating a classroom environment that was educational, but also enjoyable.

“I want kids to be able to have that experience when they do love school,” she adds.

Ashlynd GriffithMs. Griffith sometimes combines trickier topics like math with creative topics such as art.

“There’s not an actual art teacher that teaches here or anything. So just bringing in all kinds of different experiences- I like interdisciplinary teaching. So just bringing in math when it’s not math time, which they were mad at me for bringing fractions into art, but that’s real life,” she says with a smile.

So, some of her funds will go towards more art supplies.

“I know they really do like art on Fridays, so definitely some more materials for that. I think it has a lot of good- I think just perseverance and creativity, kind of emotional skills involved in it,” she says.

Ashlynd looks forward to the growth of her students, even beyond her classroom.

“It’s fun to see their little personalities shine and everything, but I know the ‘ah ha!’ moments, those kind of fulfill the day-to-day. Then when they go on to the next year, I get letters sometimes like ‘you taught me this, you were there for me’ and I keep those.”

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