1+1 Giveaway: Alicia English

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank announced the winner of the latest 1+1 Giveaway on Wednesday.

The 1+1 Giveaway helps teachers focus on new projects with their students in any respective field, ranging from mathematics to new ways to teach gym.

Alicia English, an art teacher at South Middle School in Rapid City, received the $500 grant because of her interest in a new project for her students. It’s a project that South Middle School has never seen before – slipcasting. It’s a type of ceramic forming where a liquid is poured into a cast and then fired.

Over 400 students at South Middle School will have the opportunity to make high-quality ceramics, that many students across the country cannot.

“I’m going to be able to get every single student to do a slipcast mold,” said English, as she beamed and held the check. “With that, they’re going to be making projects a little bit higher quality than what they’re used to. It’s a functional piece that every single student can have success with.” 

Local parent Samantha Payne recently donated 80 ceramic casts to the art program, but English still needed materials for the project. The project requires two 5 gallon buckets for $10, Liquid Sodium Silicate for $30, a heavy-duty 18V Drill at $130, a ribbon mud mixer drill bit for $20, and additional clay for students for about $310. 

According to Ellyn Vogel, a loan processor at First Interstate Bank who presented the check to English, the 1+1 Giveaway lets teachers expose their students to new projects and ways of learning.

“A lot of these teachers, they have all these dreams and these projects," Vogel said. "And they’re little, but they have a huge impact on their students. [If] they don’t get the funding right away, or maybe never, getting the short little boost can really impact these kids lives.”

The 1+1 Giveaway is announced every two weeks. To submit nominations, CLICK HERE.View other winners HERE.

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