1+1 – Denise Stiles

BOX ELDER, S.D. – For over 20 years, Denise Stiles has been teaching Special Education students. From high school and middle school to elementary, where she is now.

Teachers Change The World One Student At A TimeAs a Special Education teacher, she works hard to make sure she is able to work with and understand each one of her students, like Cinda.

Mrs. Stiles has many ideas on what to do with the $500, from new materials to new curriculum, to adding onto the school’s sensory room.

The sensory room was something she started in her classroom where she had a small trampoline and some other activities for her students to enjoy.

This school year she was able to expand into an entire room where all students at the school are able to engage in stimulative play away from schoolwork

“They feel much better when they come and let out that energy. They go back into the classroom and you see a better behavior in the classroom,” Mrs. Stiles said “They’re more attentive, and they’re listening to their teacher, following directions. Just to give them a little break is helpful for these kids.”

Stiles is also weighing the option of adding on to the toys and activities in the sensory room.

“There’s always room for more additional stuff. So, we are looking at a new swing, maybe we will put some new lights, maybe some dirt because the sand is set up, Legos,” she contemplated. “There’s a lot of things that we want to do. And this helps our kids so much.

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