1+1: Carol Waider has a passion for providing theater to her students

PIEDMONT, S.D. – The most recent 1+1 Giveaway winner is Carol Waider, second grade teacher at Piedmont Valley Elementary and the drama coach for Stagebarn Middle School in Summerset.

Her plans for the $500 is to improve the items in the theater, like new makeup and paint for stage designs, and to also continue providing theater to students.

20 photos of Carol Waider teaching her second grade class:

Q&A with Carol Waider:

How does it feel to receive the $500 with the 1+1 Giveaway?

“I’m ecstatic. I think this is something really cool that you guys do, and I am honored to have been awarded this. I’ve seen a lot of teachers receive it on the news, so I was really excited to win this.”

What are your plans for using the gift card?

“I really am looking forward to using this to kind of replace like old makeup that we have. Just buy some additional set materials for the students and spruce up what we have already. It’s also really handy to have a way to be able to go to like the thrift stores and get costuming materials and stuff like that, rather than just having to buy things that are new. A lot of times when we have funds, we have to spend them in a specific way. That’s not always conducive to getting the materials that we need for the sets that we’re creating.”

How long have you been teaching?

“This is my second year as a middle school drama coach, and I’ve been a teacher for 23 years. Throughout the years, I’ve done several plays sometimes within my classroom, sometimes as an after school thing. I’m really trying to get the elementary started on it as well, because it’s just my passion. I love it and I think theater is great for kids. I think it’s a great way to get them engaged with reading, speaking and just getting out of their comfort zone. So throughout the years, I’ve provided multiple opportunities for kids, but now I’m the coach. I’m really making it more of a focused thing where I want to do certain grade levels at certain times of the year just to get more experience for the different grade levels.”

Carol Waider Second Graders5

Carol Waider teaches her second graders a social studies lesson at Piedmont Valley Elementary, Tuesday, Nov. 29.

What do kids enjoy about being able to participate in theater?

“There’s such limited opportunities for students to perform and to be out on a stage and to have that opportunity to showcase what their talents are. Just because of the area that we live in, it’s hard to find a lot of places for kids to express themselves that way. So any time I’ve ever offered a play, the kids that are a part of it are super excited, super engaged and just thrilled to have been part of the experience.”

What is your upcoming middle school production?

“I have not released that to the students at the middle school yet, but they’ll get a little preview. It is going to be a mystery. I promised my crew last year that I would not do another fairy tale. So it is not a fairy tale. It is a mystery. And it’s a 40 person cast, which is the biggest show I’ve ever directed. So I’m a little nervous, but I’m also very excited. We start January 4th. When we get back.”

Why is it important to provide theater to kids?

“The most valuable thing that we see out of kids being involved in drama and in theater is it’s a venue that they don’t often get exposed to. Like, we have a lot of sports opportunities out there, we also have a lot of fine arts experiences out there, but it’s really hard to find a genuine theater experiences until they get to the high school level. So especially out here in the Piedmont Valley area, they’re not in Rapid City, they’re not in Sturgis. So it’s just really important that they get a chance to work on those speaking and performing skills.”

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