10 Years later: Rapid City police remember fallen officers’ sacrifice

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City police remembering two officers who made the ultimate sacrifice, saying, “Even now, ten years later, the memory of that day is not any less painful.”

A routine stop off East Anamosa Street turned deadly when a man pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking three Rapid City officers.

Officer Ryan McCandless was 28. He died after being taken to the hospital. Officer Nick Armstrong was 27. He died of his injuries five days later. And Officer Tim Doyle was injured but recovered and remains on the Rapid City force to this day.

Officer Ryan McCandlessOfficer Nick Armstrong

On this 10-year anniversary, Police Chief Don Hedrick reflects on the day he calls one of the most difficult in Rapid City police history, saying Officers McCandless and Armstrong just wanted to make Rapid City a better place.

“Today we’re encouraging folks to remember Officer McCandless and Officer Armstrong in their own ways,” said Chief Hedrick. “We’re also encouraging our folks to remember why they got into the profession itself and to think about what brought them towards law enforcement.”

Chief Hedrick remembers the two men as officers who truly enjoyed law enforcement. It’s a joy that has sparked good in the wake of their sacrifice.

“As we think of the memory of Nick and Ryan, there’s been a lot of organizations and there’s been a lot of good that’s been done in our community in their memory,” said Chief Hedrick. “Black Hills Badges for Hope is just one example but also, I would say that many of those at the Rapid City Police Department remember those two daily as they go out and try to make the community a better place.”

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