10-Digit dialing beginning in South Dakota, soon nationwide

Area CodeRAPID CITY, S.D. — As of October 24, all South Dakota residents will be required to dial the 605 area code when making a call in-state.

Back in April, the state’s Public Utilities Commission recommended residents to begin getting in the habit of the dialing the number prior to the official change.

Any calls made without the code will be met with a recording explaining instructions for dialing the number with the area code along with how to dial numbers for landline phones as well.

The change comes as part of a new number to be implemented nationwide providing callers with important mental health services.

“For a number of years the Federal Communication Commission has been working on a project to identify an easy-to-remember number for folks to call,” PUC Chairman Chris Nelson explained. “Who may be having mental health or perhaps suicide thoughts, and simply need to call somebody.”

Beginning in 2022, Americans experiencing a mental health emergency will be able to call 988 for assistance. The number works in the same way that Americans dial 911 for emergency services.

988 will connect callers with a trained mental health professional and resources pertaining to the nature of their emergency.

“The plans for who that number will actually contact, what kind of services will be available, that’s not something that the Public Utilities Commission is involved in at all,” Nelson explained. “But that will happen on the back end so that, again, by July of next year, when folks dial 988, they will get exactly that type of help they will need.”

35 states, including South Dakota, now have the ten-digit dialing change in effect.

When 988 goes live next July, dialing area codes will be mandatory across the country.

“Regardless of which of the 50 states you’re in,” he said. “The 988 number will work beginning in July of next year for those kinds of services.”

More information on the 10-digit dialing situation can be found at: www.puc.sd.gov/Publications/10DigitDialingFAQ.aspx

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