♪Rayyys of Sunshiinne♪ : Black Hills expecting warm and sunny days

Warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine are expected this week, with a big drop possible next week

  • Varying temperatures this morning ranging from the teens to the 40s in the Black Hills region.
  • Most expected to reach the 30s and 40s today with plenty of sunshine, the Eastern foothills expected to see the warmest temperatures with downslope winds.

  • This pattern will repeat almost all the way through Saturday, with temperatures expected to be in the 40s and plenty of sunshine.
  • Perhaps a few sprinkles or flurries on Thursday, but otherwise partly cloudy skies are expected.

  • Snow Depth across the region looks to hang around at least for a little while, the Southwestern hills receiving the least amount and the Northern Hills looking to have good snow for quite some time.
  • The rest of the state is seeing some pretty good snow depth as well, with areas near Aberdeen seeing close to a foot as well. Sioux Falls and Southeast South Dakota received a little less, around 6-12″ with some parts getting 3″-6″.

  • There are some indications that colder temperatures could be on the way late next week.
  • Sunday night into Monday could see some light accumulations of snow across the region as well, that’s the two main things we’ll be watching for this week.
  • If that’s all we have to worry about in early December… we’re doing pretty good.


It’ll be interesting to see how all this snow melt eventually pans out. We’re going to be losing most of it this week with all the sunshine and warm weather. Some have wondered about the concerns for flooding, but I don’t see that as a long term issue, unless we get really hammered in late December as well. So far, Northwesterly flow is starting to build in once again – that means the pattern for big snow events (Southerly Jet Stream) is pretty much nixed for the long term here. What northwesterly flow does indicate is the possibility of Clipper, and cold windy days later in December. We’ll keep an eye on it, enjoy the sunshine this week! We’ll keep an eye on Sunday on Monday and provide more details as that date gets closer. Be safe out there! – Brant

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