♪ Rays of Sunshine ♪ : Warm, dry weather on tap

The next 7 days will feature a typical Black Hills Summer. sunshine, with the occasional pop up storm in the Hills

  • Plenty of warm sunshine expected across the Black hills Region today
  • Temperatures could reach the low 90s in Rapid City, with the Hills reaching the mid to upper 80s
  • Clouds will start to stream in from the West this evening

  • Some early morning thunderstorms could be possible tomorrow, before returning to warm, sunny conditions
  • A little bit of energy will be crossing the region Friday and Saturday, so be cautious of isolated storms during this time period
  • Most of us, however, will remain dry through most of this time period

  • Great weekend to get outdoors and explore the Hills
  • Slightly cooler temperatures will allow a few showers to sneak into the forecast, but nothing that anybody should cancel plans over

  • Moving past this weekend, we look to be entering a fairly dry pattern, with slightly below normal rainfall over the next 2 weeks
  • We will need to be cautious about all of our green vegetation drying out, make sure you are paying attention to fire forecasts, particularly as we enter next week

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