Crackerbarrel Hot Topics

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By Thomas Patrick


Updated: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 08:37:22 MST

     The crackerbarrel's yesterday in Rapid City and Sturgis are necessary communication tools for our legislators to speak on behalf of hot topics that are being discussed in Pierre.

  And while texting and driving is the primary focus, there were still many other important topics on the table.  In Sturgis, legislators had a brief winter storm atlas update.  As Sturgis was one of the hardest hit communities, state officials were working on trying to get assistance to local ranchers.  But with the farm bill passed, our local representatives are relieved now that their community will be getting the finical assistance they need.

"Representative Kamack, Representative Wink, and I worked on possible legislation to provide some loan assistance. That legislation wasn't necessary, the Dept. of Ag already had an existing program that they were able to revise and provide that opportunity to producers in the form of interest buy down and guaranteed loans,” says Senator Larry Rhoden

  Also in Pierre this past week, an emotional testimony, and a close vote on a death sentence bill.  The committee voted 7-6 to kill the bill. However, Senator Rhoden says that there is a way for the house to ask for a discussion on the topic, by process of "smoking out" the bill.

"That bill however, just because it failed committee, they still have the parliamentary option of, they call it a "smoke out". If a third of the member of the house will support forcing that bill to come to the floor, then they could have a full house debate"

  All bills have only 3 more weeks to pass through both houses if there is any chance for them to become law this year...

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